Spring flowers

By: laurabeccigreen

Apr 18 2010

Category: Country, Flowers


This is the season of  Lilies and Cherry. These are some random flower photos  taken in the forest next to the hospital where I work.

…for Vista, whose blog post made me aspire to take flower photos…

Wild flowers. I tried with Macro mode. It was a bit windy. The result is some blurred leaves.

They’re talking something?  Background trees are memories of individuals. Planted by their love ones.

This army of yellow lilies seemed not to keep good discipline. looking around in different directions. On the other hand, trees awaiting a good time to regrow again in this summer.

Marilyn Monroe’s lips. ..I was not strong enough to remove hiding yellow one from view.

I’m afraid I dont know the name. It is a tiny one. My camera was 3 inches above ground when i took this shot.

Dual color lilies. They look a bit arrogant to me.

Yellow lilies. Widely open. Probably nearly ending..

it’s royal to me. I do like color combination.

Cherry. very difficult. I had to change setting several times to get this one with blue sky.

Cherry …waiting for me?

Working hard

Competing each other? In fact they were hiding in the bush.

Decent yellow



3 comments on “Spring flowers”

  1. Wonderful! Nice photos. It’s sure Vista will like them.

  2. Oh My !! Thank you Steve !! They are so amazing and gorgeous !!! I like them all.
    I cannot say which pic I like most !!

  3. Согласен, замечательная штука…

    … They’re talking something?  […….

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