Kingston Maurward Garden

Yesterday, I visited Kingston Maurward Gardens and animal park, east of Dorchester. I found out this tree had no leaves, but with golden color branches.

One of the 17th century gardens. I had to put my max effort to take this photo as it was drizzling.

It was inside one of the gardens. In fact, it can be said Kingston Maurward Garden is a garden complex.

There is an animal park next to the garden. This Alpaca seemed to like human. It approached me once I was walking near its place. Alpaca is originated from South America.

I thought that rabbit was curious about everything around, including my camera.

This is 17th century stairs leading me to a lake.

A swan in the lake

It was on my return way. A huge flock of birds occupying a tree.


3 comments on “Kingston Maurward Garden”

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    ???? ??????? ??????????..

  2. Way to go Steve ! .. the pics are so nice..
    I love the Rabbits.. they are so cute.. thanks..,

  3. Yes,they are cute 🙂

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