Lamp posts

By: laurabeccigreen

Nov 14 2009

Category: Country


Today, I popped in local Tesco for food. Not too many cars as you see above. Of course, it was already late. But those lovely lamp posts were serving very well.

Local Tesco at late Saturday night


7 comments on “Lamp posts”

  1. compare with Singapore, feel bored

  2. lovely but lonely

  3. 15 Nov 09, 06:04 AM
    TR: What is the name of those trees?

  4. 15 Nov 09, 06:09 AM
    TR: Cuz Readers may consider there are only animals in that place at the time you arrived there. 🙂
    15 Nov 09, 06:06 AM
    TR: But it is not relevent to put this photo under animals’ file

  5. well, it was in small local store car park. we use environmental friendly lamps in our country.

    thanks, i changed to an appropriate category. Animal is the default one. 🙂

  6. Cool Pic! ko steve

  7. !SPLENDID !

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