A couple

By: laurabeccigreen

Nov 09 2009

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Category: Animals


I don’t know what kind of birds. That couple was sitting on the island and watching other birds. It was about 4 O’clock in the afternoon in Redipole lake. I used 300 zoom with manual focusing. I set Aperture priority mode to blur back ground.

Photo information
Camera: SONY
Model: DSLR-A330
ISO: 200
Exposure: 1/125 sec
Aperture: 8.0
Focal Length: 300mm

8 comments on “A couple”

  1. Ko Steve,

    Are you sure these birds are a couple? Nice shot. Thanks for visiting to my blog.


  2. oh oh!!
    nice pic..

  3. After seeing all birds,
    I thought this pic is the right angle you take!
    Feel free!

  4. where are the cats………………

  5. I hate cat and dog

  6. You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.

  7. received warning fro the wordpress

  8. Yes they live as a couple.

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